cifparse-obj-v7.0 File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
CifFileReadDef.CImplementation file for CifFileReadDef class
CifFileReadDef.h [code]Header file for CifFileReadDef class
CifParserBase.CImplementation file for CifParser class
CifParserBase.h [code]Header file for CifParser class
CifParserInt.h [code]Header file for bison interfacing to CifParser class
CifScannerBase.CImplementation file for CifScanner class
CifScannerBase.h [code]Header file for CifScanner class
CifScannerInt.h [code]Header file for flex interfacing to CifScanner class
DDLParserBase.CImplementation file for DDLParser class
DDLParserBase.h [code]Header file for DDLParser class
DDLParserInt.h [code]Header file for bison interfacing to DDLParser class
DDLScannerBase.CImplementation file for DDLScanner class
DDLScannerBase.h [code]Header file for DDLScanner class
DDLScannerInt.h [code]Header file for flex interfacing to DDLScanner class
DICParserBase.CImplementation file for DICParser class
DICParserBase.h [code]Header file for DIC Parser class
DICParserInt.h [code]Header file for bison interfacing to DICParser class
DICScannerBase.CImplementation file for DICScanner class
DICScannerBase.h [code]Header file for DICScanner class
DICScannerInt.h [code]Header file for flex interfacing to DICScanner class

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