PdbMlParserHandler Class Reference

#include <PdbMlParserHandler.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PdbMlParserHandler (TableFile &tableFile)
 ~PdbMlParserHandler ()
void startElement (const XMLCh *const uri, const XMLCh *const localname, const XMLCh *const qname, const Attributes &attrs)
void endElement (const XMLCh *const uri, const XMLCh *const localname, const XMLCh *const qname)
void characters (const XMLCh *const chars, const unsigned int length)
void warning (const SAXParseException &exception)
void error (const SAXParseException &exception)
void fatalError (const SAXParseException &exception)
void printState (const string &element)

Private Member Functions

void Clear ()
void _GetAttributes (const Attributes &attrs)
string _GetDataBlockName (const Attributes &attrs)
string _ExtractTableName (const string &tableContName)
void _SaveRow ()
void _SaveTable ()
void _ErrMessage (const string &err, const string &element)

Private Attributes

bool _inDataBlock
bool _inTable
bool _inRow
bool _inCell
std::vector< string > _currRowNames
std::vector< string > _currRowValues
int _currRowIndex
string _currCellName
string _currBlockName
TableFile & _tableFile
ISTable * _isTableP
vector< string > _keyColNames

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PdbMlParserHandler::PdbMlParserHandler ( TableFile &  tableFile  ) 

PdbMlParserHandler::~PdbMlParserHandler (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void PdbMlParserHandler::startElement ( const XMLCh *const  uri,
const XMLCh *const  localname,
const XMLCh *const  qname,
const Attributes &  attrs 

void PdbMlParserHandler::endElement ( const XMLCh *const  uri,
const XMLCh *const  localname,
const XMLCh *const  qname 

void PdbMlParserHandler::characters ( const XMLCh *const  chars,
const unsigned int  length 

void PdbMlParserHandler::warning ( const SAXParseException &  exception  ) 

void PdbMlParserHandler::error ( const SAXParseException &  exception  ) 

void PdbMlParserHandler::fatalError ( const SAXParseException &  exception  ) 

void PdbMlParserHandler::printState ( const string &  element  ) 

void PdbMlParserHandler::Clear (  )  [private]

void PdbMlParserHandler::_GetAttributes ( const Attributes &  attrs  )  [private]

string PdbMlParserHandler::_GetDataBlockName ( const Attributes &  attrs  )  [private]

string PdbMlParserHandler::_ExtractTableName ( const string &  tableContName  )  [private]

void PdbMlParserHandler::_SaveRow (  )  [private]

void PdbMlParserHandler::_SaveTable (  )  [private]

void PdbMlParserHandler::_ErrMessage ( const string &  err,
const string &  element 
) [private]

Member Data Documentation

bool PdbMlParserHandler::_inDataBlock [private]

bool PdbMlParserHandler::_inTable [private]

bool PdbMlParserHandler::_inRow [private]

bool PdbMlParserHandler::_inCell [private]

std::vector<string> PdbMlParserHandler::_currRowNames [private]

std::vector<string> PdbMlParserHandler::_currRowValues [private]

int PdbMlParserHandler::_currRowIndex [private]

string PdbMlParserHandler::_currCellName [private]

string PdbMlParserHandler::_currBlockName [private]

TableFile& PdbMlParserHandler::_tableFile [private]

ISTable* PdbMlParserHandler::_isTableP [private]

vector<string> PdbMlParserHandler::_keyColNames [private]

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