Block Class Reference

#include <TableFile.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Block (const string &name, FileNavigator *fileNav, const eFileMode fileMode=READ_MODE, const StringCompare::eCompareType caseSense=StringCompare::eCASE_SENSITIVE)
 Block (const Block &t)
 ~Block ()
vector< pair< string, ISTable::eTableDiff > > operator== (Block &inBlock)
void SetName (const string &name)
string GetName () const
void AddTable (const string &name, const int indexInFile=0, ISTable *isTableP=NULL)
 Adds a new table, along with its file index and its table pointer.
void GetTableNames (vector< string > &names)
bool IsTablePresent (const string &name)
ISTableGetTablePtr (const string &name)
void DeleteTable (const string &name)
void WriteTable (ISTable *isTableP)
 Updates the existing table or adds a new one.
void Print ()

Public Attributes

mapped_ptr_vector< ISTable,
StringCompare > 

Private Member Functions

ISTable_GetTablePtr (const unsigned int tableIndex)

Private Attributes

string _name
eFileMode _fileMode
FileNavigator * _fileNav

Detailed Description

Block class represents data blocks of CIF files.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Block::Block ( const string &  name,
FileNavigator *  fileNav,
const eFileMode  fileMode = READ_MODE,
const StringCompare::eCompareType  caseSense = StringCompare::eCASE_SENSITIVE 

Block::Block ( const Block t  ) 

Block::~Block (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

ISTable * Block::_GetTablePtr ( const unsigned int  tableIndex  )  [private]

vector< pair< string, ISTable::eTableDiff > > Block::operator== ( Block inBlock  ) 

void Block::SetName ( const string &  name  )  [inline]

string Block::GetName (  )  const [inline]

void Block::AddTable ( const string &  name,
const int  indexInFile = 0,
ISTable isTableP = NULL 

Adds a new table, along with its file index and its table pointer.

void Block::GetTableNames ( vector< string > &  names  ) 

bool Block::IsTablePresent ( const string &  name  ) 

ISTable * Block::GetTablePtr ( const string &  name  ) 

void Block::DeleteTable ( const string &  name  ) 

void Block::WriteTable ( ISTable isTableP  ) 

Updates the existing table or adds a new one.

void Block::Print (  ) 

Member Data Documentation

string Block::_name [private]

eFileMode Block::_fileMode [private]

FileNavigator* Block::_fileNav [private]

mapped_ptr_vector<ISTable, StringCompare> Block::_tables

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