CifParser Class Reference

#include <CifParserBase.h>

Inherits CifScanner.

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Public Member Functions

 CifParser (TableFile *fo, int verbose, CifFileReadDef readDef)
void Parse (const string &fileName, string &diagnostics)
void Error (const char *)
void Clear ()
void Reset ()
int ProcessLoopDeclaration (void)
int ProcessItemNameList (void)
int ProcessValueList (void)
int ProcessItemValuePair (void)
void ProcessAssignments (void)
void ProcessLoop (void)
void ProcessItemName (void)
void ProcessItemValue (void)
void ProcessLsItemValue (void)
void ProcessUnknownValue (void)
void ProcessMissingValue (void)
void ProcessDataBlockName (void)
virtual ~CifParser ()

Public Attributes

string errorLog
int _err
int _warn

Private Member Functions

void _ComplexWriteTable ()

Private Attributes

string _uString
string _mString
TableFile * _fobj
CifFileReadDef _readDef
ISTable * _tbl
int _afterLoop
int _nTablesInBlock
int _curItemNo
int _curValueNo
int _numDataBlocks
int _fieldListAlloc
int _curRow
string _curCol
vector< string > _fieldList
string _pBufValue
vector< string > * _rowBuf
string _tBufKeyword
string _curCategoryName
string _curDataBlockName
string _prevDataBlockName

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CifParser::CifParser ( TableFile *  fo,
int  verbose,
CifFileReadDef  readDef 

CifParser::~CifParser (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void CifParser::_ComplexWriteTable (  )  [private]

void CifParser::Parse ( const string &  fileName,
string &  diagnostics 

void CifParser::Error ( const char *   ) 

void CifParser::Clear (  ) 

Reimplemented from CifScanner.

void CifParser::Reset (  ) 

Reimplemented from CifScanner.

int CifParser::ProcessLoopDeclaration ( void   ) 

int CifParser::ProcessItemNameList ( void   ) 

int CifParser::ProcessValueList ( void   ) 

int CifParser::ProcessItemValuePair ( void   ) 

void CifParser::ProcessAssignments ( void   ) 

void CifParser::ProcessLoop ( void   ) 

void CifParser::ProcessItemName ( void   ) 

void CifParser::ProcessItemValue ( void   ) 

void CifParser::ProcessLsItemValue ( void   ) 

void CifParser::ProcessUnknownValue ( void   ) 

void CifParser::ProcessMissingValue ( void   ) 

void CifParser::ProcessDataBlockName ( void   ) 

Member Data Documentation

string CifParser::_uString [private]

string CifParser::_mString [private]

TableFile* CifParser::_fobj [private]

CifFileReadDef CifParser::_readDef [private]

ISTable* CifParser::_tbl [private]

int CifParser::_afterLoop [private]

int CifParser::_nTablesInBlock [private]

int CifParser::_curItemNo [private]

int CifParser::_curValueNo [private]

int CifParser::_numDataBlocks [private]

int CifParser::_fieldListAlloc [private]

int CifParser::_curRow [private]

string CifParser::_curCol [private]

vector<string> CifParser::_fieldList [private]

string CifParser::_pBufValue [private]

vector<string>* CifParser::_rowBuf [private]

string CifParser::_tBufKeyword [private]

string CifParser::_curCategoryName [private]

string CifParser::_curDataBlockName [private]

string CifParser::_prevDataBlockName [private]

string CifParser::errorLog

int CifParser::_err

int CifParser::_warn

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