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Installation Notes: V8-0-3

                         Installation Notes for the
                          ISTable  - Class Library

This version of ISTable is being distributed as several source libraries
with example programs. This file contains instructions for building the 
the class library and test programs.

To build ISTable do the following:

a.  Unbundle the distribution using the following:

          zcat cif-table-obj-vxxx-prod.tar.gz | tar -xf -

    This will create a directory named cif-table-obj-vxxx-prod.  Move into 
    the this directory.
b.  Build the class by typing the following:


c.  Build and run the test program by typing:

                make test

    This will execute a series of test examples that test the functionality of
    this library.

NOTE: If you are working on SUN go to etc/make.platform.sunos5 and check
      compiler flags. You might need to change them depending on compiler