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FILM (Fast Insight into Large Molecules) is a CORBA server for macromolecular structure (MMS) data stored in a relational database.

FILM implements the OMG Macromolecular Structure v1.0, http://www.omg.org/technology/documents/formal/macro_molecular.htm, with certain limitations and amendments.

FILM is implemented in C++. Version 20030908 is compiled with g++ version 2.95.3 or 3.3.

The current release uses MICO v2.3.10 as ORB, including its Naming Service (nsd). FILM uses DB2 as its relational database backend, and assumes that the database is loaded. FILM requires the DB2 client to be set up properly for using the database.

FILM autogenerates most of its CORBA code from mmCIF dictionary. The following components are automatically generated from mmCIF:

Installation and Usage notes for the full source distribution of FILM

Installation and Usage notes for the C++ client distribution of FILM

Installation and Usage notes for the Python client distribution of FILM

Click here to download source distribution of FILM.