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Db Loader
Installation Notes: Previous Versions

                          Installation Notes for the
                              Db Loader tool

This version of Db Loader is being distributed as a source library with a 
set of example programs.  

To build Db Loader do the following:

a.  Unbundle this distribution using the following:

          zcat db-loader-vX.XXX-prod.tar.gz | tar -xf -

    This will create a directory named db-loader-vX.XXX-prod. 
    Move into this directory.    

b.  Check that there is a machine dependent makefile for your system in
    ./etc subdirectory.  Build the Db Loader by typing:


c.  The Db Loader binary will be created in directory db-loader-vX.X/bin.
    Scripts illustrating how the loader is used can be found in 
    db-loader-vX.X/test.  Try running db-loader-vX.X/test/Test-loader.csh.

d.  The command-line options for Db Loader can be displayed using the 
    command, db-loader -h.  Documentation for this application will 
    be forthcoming shortly.  

NOTE: If you are working on SUN go to etc/make.platform.sunos5 and check
      compiler flags. You might need to change them depending on compiler