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Db Loader
Installation Notes: V4-0-17

                    Installation, Building and Demonstration
                          of the DbLoader Application

1.  Application Installation

    Uncompress and unbundle the distribution using the following command:

        zcat db-loader-vX.XXX-prod-src.tar.gz | tar -xf -

    The result of this command is a subdirectory db-loader-vX.XXX-prod-src in
    the current directory. It contains the subdirectories of various source
    modules and helper directories:

        bin - subdirectory in which the application executable
          will be placed after the build process.
        db-loader-vX.X - subdirectory of the main application module,
          that contains test examples in its "test" subdirectory.

2.  Application Building

    Position in the db-loader-vX.XXX-prod-src directory and run "make" command:

        cd db-loader-vX.XXX-prod-src

    The application executable (db-loader) will be placed in the "bin"

    NOTE: The users who are working on Sun platform are strongly advised to
    check the compiler flags in etc/make.platform.sunos5 file. Depending on
    the compiler version, users may be required to make modifications to those
    compiler flags.

3.  Demonstration

a.  To do the demonstration of this application, position in the
    db-loader-vX.XXX-prod-src/db-loader-vX.X/test directory and run the
    "Test-loader.csh" script:

        cd db-loader-vX.XXX-prod-src/db-loader-vX.X/test

    This script invokes the application several times to demonstrate its
    features. The generated files are in the current directory.

b.  The application command line options can be displayed by typing the name
    of the executable without arguments:

        cd db-loader-vX.XXX-prod-src/bin