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Installation Notes: V7-1-05

                          Installation Notes for the
       CIFPARSE-OBJ - C++ Language Class Library of mmCIF Access Tools

This version of CIFPARSE-OBJ is being distributed as a source library with a 
set of example programs. 

To build CIFPARSE-OBJ library do the following:

a.  Uncompress and unbundle this distribution using the following command:

        zcat cifparse-obj-vxxx-prod-src.tar.gz | tar -xf -

    The result of this command is a directory named cifparse-obj-vxxx-prod-src.
    Move into this directory.    

b.  Check that there is a machine dependent makefile for your system in
    ./etc subdirectory.

    NOTE: If working on SUN platform, go to ets/make.platform.sunos5 and check
    compiler flags. You might need to change them depending on compiler

    Build the library by typing:


c.  Test programs are provided to illustrate some of the basic
    features of the library. Run the test programs by typing:

        make test

    The output from the example programs is located in the subdirectory, 

    NOTE: The errors appearing in execution of Test 14 are expected. This
    is because Test 14 illustrates a feature where improper loop_ statements
    are ignored and still properly processed by the CIF parser. The errors
    seen during the Test 14 execution are caused by the improper loop_
    statements. All categories which are defined by the improper loop_
    statements are not present in the resulting file Test14.ocif.